Music and creativity is a great medium for enhancing the wellness of individuals and communities. All of our programs are conducted with overarching wellbeing outcomes in mind. We are passionate about aligning our practice with current research into drumming and its potential benefits.

Team building workshops

Healthy teams need to have a synchronous rhythm! Our wellbeing-focussed team building sessions explore aspects of healthy collaboration through the use of rhythm analogies.

Drumming for mindfulness

Drumming can be a highly effective meditation practice. The repetition of rhythms enables for mindfulness and flow. Meditation through movement offers an embodied experience, which appeals to some more than traditional methods of stillness.

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“Thank you so much, our staff loved your sessions, we have had fantastic feedback! Love your work!”

Sam Ridley – Department of Health and Human Services

“Drumming for me is always fun. It’s great for the mind and body and absolutely wonderful for the soul. Meeting lovely, fun-loving people is an extra bonus.”

Marg Hochfeld – Community drumming participant
“Being part of a drumming group is a real privilege. There is this really powerful yet gentle unfolding of group support, especially when you are feeling at your most vulnerable. It truly is the medicine that our communities and modern ways of life now lack, nobody is left out or feels separate from each other.”
Belinda Gadsby – Community drumming participant