Wellbeing Sessions


Music and creativity is a great medium for enhancing the wellness of individuals and communities. All of our programs are conducted with overarching wellbeing outcomes in mind. We are passionate about aligning our practice with current research into drumming and its potential benefits.

Team Building

Healthy teams need to have a synchronous rhythm! Our wellbeing-focussed team building sessions explore aspects of healthy collaboration through the use of rhythm analogies.


Drumming can be a highly effective meditation practice. The repetition of rhythms enables for mindfulness and flow. Meditation through movement offers an embodied experience, which appeals to some more than traditional methods of stillness.

Community Engagement

Connect your community through the power of rhythm!
Our community engagement sessions are for bringing together different members of the community in a structured and fun manner. Drumming together enables groups of people to connect in a non-intimidating setting. These sessions are planned and delivered around requested focus themes in order to achieve desired community engagement outcomes.